"Sono nelle tue mani"

"I am in your hands"

This is a  phrase used in many Sicilian restaurants which puts the entire meal to the discretion of the cook. The meals are extensive, wholesome, and often the best way to appreciate the cuisine as it was meant to be enjoyed. Its our favorite way to navigate a new dining experience, and we're really excited to share it with you.

With our 'sono nelle tue mani' tasting menu options, we do our best to replicate a proper Sicilian meal. All we ask of diners is that their whole table participate in the menu and that they have very few restrictions on what they eat.  Also, we strongly suggest that you come hungry.

The "in your hands" experience always begins with both hot and cold antipasti, making a total of six shared plates to start with.  From there we offer a few different variations depending on how many pastas and main courses are desired. You can elect to share a pizza if you prefer or go all the up to the $65 option which includes virtually the entire days menu and an Averna after the meal. So the next time you feel like celebrating, or if you just want to enjoy an exciting and relaxed Sicilian dining experience, consider putting your evening in our hands.


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