Our Olive Oil is Now Available

It's amazing the depth of flavor and complexity that can come from simply crushing olives. Pressed from 100% Nocellara del Belice olives harvested from and around the Sicilian town of Castelvetrano, the extra-virgin olive oil pressed for us by Sandro Montalbano at Frantoio di Campagna oil is, without a doubt, some of the very best we have ever tasted.

Established by Sandro in 1993, Frantoio di Campagna is shining example of a company making olive oil on a medium-to-large-scale in the right way. They only source the highest quality Nocellara del Belice olives from local, biodynamic growers. The olives are pressed within 48 hours of harvest, with the resulting oil kept in large underground stainless steel tanks.  While initially very "green" tasting, the olive oil changes gracefully from citrusy and bright to smooth and peppery. 

Through our friends at Tesori of Sicily we are lucky to receive enough of the yearly vintage to not only supply the restaurant but there's a little left over that we are excited to make available for you to take home as well. 

This oil is not available in your local grocery store, but we are proud to be able to sell 500ml bottles for $23. If you have ever wanted a special extra virgin olive oil for finishing a dish, or to simply enjoy with bread, then you should definitely add this to your pantry. 

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